Every woman would always want to feel confidently beautiful and sexy at the same time for themselves. But as you grow old, those excessive fats are getting harder and harder to hide. The always go-to solution for those bodies fit dresses to take your hourglass shape is to wear a shapewear. There are many kinds of shapewear out there that target different areas to re-shape. For those who still want to feel sexy and a little flirtatious underneath those dresses, then the thong body shaper from BurVogue is the way to go.

Burvogue’s thong body shaper works for reducing the appearance of the belly and at the same time shapes it. It keeps the love handles or the post-partum belly of pregnant ladies firm and in shape. The thong body shaper acts as a lingerie at the same time. The thong accentuates your full-figured buttocks as the whole fabric gives you that perfect hourglass shaper. No one will even know you’re wearing any underwear and any dress when you wear the thong body shaper.Its main materials are spandex and cotton so it’ll be comfortable and gentle when it touches your skin. The material also helps give you conceal the flabbiness and makes those curves more visible. It has adjustable straps for you to easily modify it for a better fit. Burvogue’s help controls the shape of the waist, back, and hips firmly.

There are various sizes available but choose the one that is suitable for you, not a size smaller to let the skin breathe also. Always look for high-quality fabric when buying a body shaper. Remember to choose a thong body shaper that offers durability. Be mindful of what outfits will the body shaper be best suited to. For those who want to focus on enhancing their bottom curve and hiding the flabby tummy without a trace, Burvogue’s thong body shaper is a perfect choice.