In choosing the right blender for your cooking, you would want to place premium on quality. Certain things to be on the lookout for include:

Power rating, speed of blades, control, safety, capacity, noise, functions, etc. You also do want to consider a blender that has the capacity to carry out all kinds of blending activities this is what makes greenis blender one of the best power blenders available. Here are some of the features to affirm my point

Multiple functionalities

Grennis blender comes with 6-7 blending program designed especially to suite your blending needs. A recipe app comes along with this program which can be used to gain access to a wide, updated database of thousand of recipes to choose from. This feature comes in handy in giving you a wide range of choice.


At a maximum speed of 30,000 RPM, you can be assured of your blending task being done in a jiffy reducing time used in the kitchen.

Power rating

With a power rating of 1400W and a 3.7 peak horsepower, Greenis blender efficiency ratio (power consumed divided by total power available (is quite remarkable. At such rating you can be sure that the amount of power consumed by this blender result into useful work done.

Less Noise

Averagely, the noise generated by a power blender are usually in the range of 85-95 DB, Grennis blenders beats this mark with a far less 75- 80 DB for a power blender. This is due to the inbuilt sound insulation system used coupled with a high quality motor.


When working in the kitchen, your safety is of paramount concern. This is why grennis blender incorporates overload and overheating protections, child lock, jar sensors and blocking protections.

Control system

Controlling your blender is as important as the blender itself since without controlling it, it is a useless as not be available. This is why greenis blenders comes with a capacity touch screen for control with is relatively easy to use, scratch resistance and water proof.


As important as the motor, blade, power is important, so is the jar of a blender/ Greenis blender jars are built to withstand wear and tear of the impact between blending ingredients and jar, they are built be food-grade materials making them safe for bending and are quite durable due to their thick wall e.g. Greenis FGR-8800 having a thickness of 4.5mm made from Tritan material. If you are also interested about Garbage Disposal, you may also read more about it.